a way that allows your child to sleep with greater ease while battling cold + flu symptoms

- Patent Pending -


My daughter had RSV/pneumonia I had not slept in over a week because everytime I laid her down her oxygen dropped. The Tum&Bum changed my life.this product assured I could get some rest and my daughter could get some rest while improving her oxygen levels. This product is amazing ,and I will be telling everyone I know about it. It’s absolutely amazing! —Katie


My son was having a super tough time sleeping the past week- dealing with a cold and teething at the same time. His poor little nose (and even his eyes) was running and he had a painful sounding cough. Putting him on the tum&bum at night has been helping us both get some needed sleep. He doesn’t really cough the entire night while on it, and during the day the coughing and nose running is considerably less frequent and painful-sounding. It works! ‎‎‎‎‎ —Ashlee E

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Meet The Tum&Bum

Tum&Bum is the only original forward facing Incline Sleeper for Toddlers that positions their little bodies in the perfect alignment to help deal with their upper respiratory infections.

Give your toddler nighttime relief from:

  • head colds
  • acid reflux
  • congestion
  • strep throat
  • seasonal allergies
  • respiratory infections

forward facing incline sleeper

different colors available

How the Tum&Bum Works

Check out this step-by-step guide to see how to properly set your kid up on the Tum&Bum

You could try a number of other remedies to help your sick toddler fall asleep...

  • prop their head up with a few more pillows
  • turn on a humidifier
  • give them more medicine
  • brew them some hot tea with lemon
  • use saline or nasal spray
  • place an air filter in their room
  • give them nasal strips to wear
  • change their bedding, in case of a silent allergy

...or you could help them sleep the natural, organic way by putting them on the Tum&Bum, the original forward facing sleeper!

How The Tum&Bum Was Born

See the Tum&Bum in action!

Look for yourself at just how fast-acting and soothing a forward facing incline sleeper can be for your sick toddler.

Other fun ways to use the Tum&Bum!

are you and your child ready to sleep better?

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