Why Tum & Bum

Made with
in mind.

Everything from the overall size to the slope of the incline to the saddle back seat are made to help your restless child sleep while being sick. Although the position is not the ideal way a human wants to sleep -- lying flat - it is a close runner up to help a child sleep while being sick. The Tum&Bum helps with that!

As parents ourselves, we designed the Tum&Bum for our little ones to be as supportive, safe, and comfortable as possible to allow them to get as much sleep as they could during their sleep time.

No padding or covers are sold with the Tum&Bum for the simple reason that we found our kids wanted their own pillow and blankies with them while they slept. And Mom liked the ease of washing our own "comfies" each night until they were better and sleeping back in their beds.

How The Tum&Bum Helps the

Body Fight Nighttime Sickness

Backed by science and comfortable to boot, your Tum&Bum will be your child's best friend in the fight against their sickness. Here are three key ways that lying flat affects your sick kid's ability to sleep - all three being solved by sleeping at a forward-facing incline!

help child sleep while being sick

So why does sleeping at an incline help?

When your kid's up and moving around during the day, gravity helps keep their airways free naturally by keeping their excess mucus down. When they lay down to go to bed, however, gravity starts working against them. Gravity keeps their excess mucus where it's produced, the sinuses. Combine this with their coinciding  enlarged blood vessels and increased blood flow to the face, and your kid has a recipe for an awful night's sleep.

With the Tum&Bum, your kid gets the best of both worlds. They get to sleep on a comfortable, supportive surface while their body heals from its infection, all the while enjoying better breathing thanks to their extra respiratory tract drainage. This means they'll have less coughing, sneezing and sniffling, enabling them - and you! - to finally sleep better.

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