Tum&Bum Incline Sleeper

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  • Tum&Bum helps toddlers with sleeping better while suffering from the common cold, the flu, allergies, and any upper respiratory infections
  • Tum&Bum places the child’s entire upper body on an incline to maintain a straight line from head to the torso.
  • Tum&Bum comes as a hollow shell and is very light to maneuver. Handles are cut into both sides for ease of use.
  • Tum&Bum does not come with any coverings or padding, allowing individuals to use their own blankies and pillows for comfort.
  • Cleaning the Tum&Bum is easy, simply remove the child’s personal coverings and wipe down the shell with your favorite antibacterial spray or wipe.
Weight 6.94 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 17 × 24.3 in

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Sick Kid Won’t Stop Coughing?

If your kid won’t stop coughing or if your sick child is up all night restless, with a stuffy nose? The Tum&Bum offers a simple solution to your sick child’s woes, helping your kiddo sleep better and kick their illness to the curb faster.

Toddler With A Stuffy Nose That Can’t Sleep?

When we are sick, inflammation, congestion, and pressure can build up in our head. This causes many unpleasant symptoms, including coughing, a stuffy nose, and a headache. As we all know, this makes it difficult to sleep.

Enter the Tum&Bum, your solution to helping your child sleep.

Tum&Bum Benefits

The Tum&Bum is an incline sleeper that places your child’s entire upper body at almost a 40º angle. No more piling pillows under their head, creating an uncomfortable position for their neck.

Sleeping at a front-facing incline offers two benefits:

  • Keeps blood from pooling in the head, lessening pressure, and inflammation
  • Allows mucus to naturally flow down the sinus cavity and throat, making breathing easier

Tum&Bum Dimensions

The Tum&Bum was designed with comfort and safety for your child in mind. Some of its key dimension include:

  • A rounded seat back almost 10 inches wide
  • A thin 3.5-inch width for your child to straddle
  • A chest area with a width over 15 inches

For any restless children, parents do not need to worry about them. With the Tum&Bum, your child’s bum will only be 6 inches above the ground, so if your kiddo finds their way off during the night, there is no worry about them hurting themselves, and you can easily put them back in their sleeper.

The Tum&Bum weighs just over 6 pounds, making its transportation incredibly easy. Despite its low weight, it has been engineered to withstand up to 150 pounds, ensuring that safety is an utmost priority.

Keeping It Clean and Comfortable

The Tum&Bum comes without padding or coverings so you can utilize your child’s own blankets and pillows for additional security and comfort. This also ensures that cleaning and sanitation are easy; simply throw any coverings in the wash and wipe down the sleeper with your favorite antibacterial spray or wipe, and you’re good to go!

Give the Tum&Bum a try today and see the difference an inclined sleep makes in a sick child!

8 reviews for Tum&Bum Incline Sleeper

  1. Mark

    The best!

  2. Katie

    My daughter had RSV/pneumonia I had not slept in over a week because everytime I laid her down her oxygen dropped. The Tum&Bum changed my life.this product assured I could get some rest and my daughter could get some rest while improving her oxygen levels. This product is amazing ,and I will be telling everyone I know about it. It’s absolutely amazing!

  3. Ashlee E

    My son was having a super tough time sleeping the past week- dealing with a cold and teething at the same time. His poor little nose (and even his eyes) was running and he had a painful sounding cough. Putting him on the tum&bum at night has been helping us both get some needed sleep. He doesn’t really cough the entire night while on it, and during the day the coughing and nose running is considerably less frequent and painful-sounding. It works!

  4. Kristen Green

    Absolutely works! When my child is sick and simply can’t sleep because they can’t breathe, this sleeper chair does the trick! Even works as a video game chair when they aren’t sick! It is the perfect height for the TV! Way better than just a pillow on the floor!

  5. Hillary MacMartin

    Amazing company! I don’t have a current need for one but love this company so much I bought one just in case my son needs it. Thank you for caring about your audience and customers!

  6. Abby

    Bought one just because, great product

  7. J.Z

    Works great! Shipping was a day early

  8. Christy Rector

    I am a mother to a special needs child. We have purchased many pieces of equipment ranging anywhere from $500 to $8,000 in price to help our son reach his greatest potential! The Tum & Bum has been the most economical and fun piece of equipment we have ever received or purchased! It has so many uses!! We currently are using it to build our son’s confidence in pushing to a stand from a sitting position. With the Tum & Bum seated underneath him, he feels very secure knowing he has a seat under him if he were to get tired. Not to mention he loves sitting on his Tum & Bum when sitting like the “big kids” when reading, or watching TV! What an amazing useful tool this has become in our home!! THANK YOU, Tum & Bum!!

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