What’s the Best Position For Kids to Sleep in While Sick?

When your child is feeling congested and struggling to breathe, getting a good night’s sleep can seem like an impossible task. But did you know that sleeping at a forward-facing incline can actually help drain mucus and alleviate congestion?

When you sleep on your back, gravity works against you and can cause mucus to pool in the back of your throat, leading to coughing, throat clearing, and difficulty breathing. However, sleeping at a forward-facing incline allows gravity to work in your favor and helps to drain mucus from your sinuses and throat.

One way to achieve this incline is by using a wedge pillow. These pillows are designed to elevate your upper body and head, creating a slope that helps to drain mucus and reduce congestion. They can be placed on top of your regular pillow or used as a standalone bedding solution.

Another option is to prop yourself up with extra pillows or use a bed wedge. By elevating your upper body, you can create a similar effect and help to relieve congestion.

The best option is the Tum&Bum forward-facing incline sleeper because using stacked pillows with children can be dangerous and ineffective. Because children are more restless the Tum&Bum design requires children to straddle the Tum&Bum making it almost impossible for them to roll off like they likely would with stacked pillows.

In addition to helping drain mucus, sleeping at a forward-facing incline can also improve your overall sleep quality. It can help to reduce snoring and improve respiratory function, allowing your child to get a more restful and rejuvenating sleep.

If your child is struggling with congestion and looking for a natural way to alleviate symptoms, consider using the Tum&Bum to get them sleeping at a forward-facing incline. It may just be the solution you and your child need to get a good night’s sleep and for your child to start feeling better.

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